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We are a small production wine company located in Madera, California. Our pure Californian pomegranate wine is grown locally and processed in San Luis Obispo, CA, from the exotic and healthy super fruit known as the pomegranate. We hand select our pomegranates at their optimum ripeness to ensure good color and high sugar, then the fruit is crushed and made into a delicious and unique fruit Fresno wine. We believe itís important to maintain the value and integrity of the fruit so our wine for Fresno is as close in flavor and health benefits for which the pomegranate is well known for. Our first vintage, bottled in August 2009, is our staple 100% pomegranate wine. Our Second vintage will also include a sparkling wine and our infamous Twin-tini, a formulated pomegranate wine that tastes like your favorite martini.

The inspiration for our Fresno wine comes from our desire to be a little different. We wanted a product that will stand out in the plethora of wines consumers have to choose from. We consider our pomegranate wine to be in a category of its own since the components of pomegranate juice are so different than that of grape juice. Our Fresno wine is rare, unique, and exotic and really represents the essence of the pomegranate.

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