Fresno Wine Products

The Wine

Our wine is made from fresh pomegranates. We never using concentrate or lesser quality foreign juice, nor has the juice been pasteurized or has had any artificial ingredients added to the wine to change the flavor. We control the entire wine making process, everything from growing the fruit to harvesting to the fermentation and bottling the final product. We strive to grow the largest, juiciest, most colorful pomegranates; packed with the highest concentrations of antioxidants, poly-phenols, and other oxygen scavenging molecules. We work hard to control as much of the wine making process and distribution as possible to eliminate increased or excessive costs.

Our only product at the moment is a 100% Pomegranate. The Alcohol content is 12.6% with a slightly sweet taste. This wine is not a port or dessert style wine. It does have a little residual sugar, but will have the mouth feel of a dry wine. Our wine is very different, as pomegranates are very different than grapes. Consumers refer to our wine as more of a cocktail wine, being refreshing, and tart like the fruit.

We’ve made our wine more mobile and versatile than most traditional wines. Our name and packaging is simple, convenient and aimed at the wine consumer looking for a unique flavor or something quick and easy to put in your ice chest, then shared with family and friends at the lake, beach, poolside or even hitting ski slopes.

For something different try TwinPoms™ Wine with sprite, champagne and served over ice.

Coming Soon:

Our Pomegranate Sparkling wine will be ready in the Spring of 2010.

Our Twin-tini is a wine made to resemble a pomegranate martini. Twin-tini has a higher sugar than our other wines, as well as nearly 18% alcohol.